Tuesday, January 25, 2011


                                        LOLLIPOPS.......the name itself takes us back to our childhood days when we used to suck those delicious candies in different flavors and colours.......when i said to dh that iam going to make these he said it reminded him of those childhood lollipops eventhough they  have no resemblence with these.jr."s"heard the words lollipops and came running asking "what were u talking?i heard lollipops......"i said today iam making lollipops with chicken.......he was so excited because both lollipop and chicken are his favourites.........this indo-chinese dish is a very good appetizer...........try this and enjoy......kids will love this for sure.{i took this recipe from the site group recipes given by Binky67}
chicken wings-5
eggs beaten-2
bread crubs-1 cup
oil-for frying
ginger-garlic paste-2tblspn
green chillies-5
soy sauce-1tblspn
vinegar-1/2 tsp
red chilly sauce-1tsp
 red colour{Optional}
                Cut each wing into half along the movable joint end.of the 2 parts left,one part will have 2 parallel bones and other will have a single bone.remove the extra bone[smaller one] from one part of each wing.you will get 2 lollipops from each wing.
                   Now for each lollipop cut the ligaments near one end of bone so that the muscles seperate from bone.rpll these muscles over to the other end,without cutting the ligaments at that end.the uscle will thus remain hanging and can be rolled over to form a lollipop.watch the chicken lollipop video of chef sanjay thumma in VAH REH WAH for a clear video ...............
                now marinate all the chicken pieces with ingredients given for marianting and keep in fridge for atleast 2 hrs.thendip it in the beaten eggs and then in the bread crumbs.qiuck chill in freezer while the oil is heating up.this willprevent the crumbs from falling in the oil.
            deep fry in oil in medium heat until golden brown............

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