Wednesday, December 29, 2010


                                               On days iam having my"cooking mania"{my dh "S"gave the name}i always try new dishes,most of which i have not even tasted i wanted to try something new with mutton.i was bored making the same curry.when i searched my recipe diary i came across this mutton saagwala or palak mutton recipe which i had written long before from kairali tv magic oven cookery show but had not dared to try.i fell in love with the recipe and couldnt wait to try came out really good.
                                        This dish is worth trying and a perfect way to incorporate green leafy vegetables like spinach to your diet.jr"S"and to say the truth even i dont like to eat palak if it is added as this pureed palak curry is perfect for all like me and my jr who doesnt like spinach at the same time want to add some greens to the diet.
courtesy-magic oven cookery show
mutton-3/4 kg
palak-2 bunches
ginger-1 inch piece
garlic-3 pieces
green chilly-2
curd -1/2 cup
jeera pdr-1 tsp
tomato-2 small
coriander pdr-1 tsp
oil-2 tblspn
butter-1 tsp
fresh cream-1/2 cup
salt-to taste
marinate mutton with curd and 1/2 tsp jeera a pan add water. when it starts to boil add the palak.blanche the leaves.make a puree of that. keep it a pressure cooker add oil and add cinnamon,clove and cardamom.then saute onion.when it is slight golden brown add ginger-garlic pate and green chilly.then add coriander pdr and 1/2 tsp jeera pdr.saute.add the mutton together with the marinade to this.saute for 5 min.add tomatoes and salt.put the lid on the cooker and pressure cook it till done.when it is fully cooked open the lid and add the puree and heat for some time.add 1 tsp butter and 1/2 cup fresh cream.transfer to a serving bowl. enjoy ur palak mutton.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


                                                  Everyone have their own lazy days when we dont want to do any was such a day for me.the cloudy weather also added to the mood.i just took one of my favourite cook books and started reading.i was so engrossed in that i didnt even see jr"S" coming back from school.he was shouting "mom,iam hungry.what did u make for lunch?"
 OMG!!!!!!!!!!i had not made anything.i rushed into the kitchen and by the time jr"S"changed his dress and came to the dining table this easy dal fry was ready.luckily i had some cooked dal in fridge.
so this dal fry
recipe is for all mothers on their "lazy days"...............
toor dal-1cup
mash dal-1/4cup
ginger-garlic paste-1tblspoon
green chilly-2
red chilly pdr-1/2tsp
coriander pdr-1/2tsp
turmeric pdr-1/4tsp
salt-to taste
cumin seeds-1/2tblspoon
onion cut into cubes-1/2
   coriander leaves-to garnish
pressure cook both the dals with all ingredients mentioned above.after 2 or 3 whistles remove from fire.after all the whistle has gone open it and see if it is cooked nicely.then temper it with the ingredients for tempering and garnish with coriander leaves.serve hot.enjoy ur dal fry.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


                                     There is a story that happens everytime we go to restaurants.eveyone are busy studying the menu card like they r having exams tomorrow.even 4 yr old jr "s"is busy with the card .the waiter comes and no one is ready to give order.the waiter stands there like the examiner who has come to snatch the answer paper after the examination time is over.the only one who not even looks in the menu card and gives the order first is me.becoz its always the same.fried rice with butter chicken.i just luv this words to this is the recipe for a hotel like butter chicken.enjoy............
chicken-1kg{cut into 30 boneless pieces}
chilly pdr-2tbsp
turmeric pdr-1/2tsp
tomato-2 big
ginger-garlic paste-2tbsp
kasoori methi pdr-1/2 tsp
coriander leaves-1/4 cup
salt-to taste
fresh cream-1/2 cup
                 marinate chicken with half of the given qty of chilly pdr and turmeric pdr.add 3tbsp curd to it.keep it for 20 min.fry it in oil.
        add 3tbsp of oil in a kadai.saute the onions,ginger-garlic pst and tomatoes in it.when the oil oozes out from tomatoes add remaining chilly pdr and turmeric pdr.remove it from fire.after it is cooled grind it in a mixie to a silky another kadai add the butter.saute the grinded paste in it.put the fried chicken pieces to it.add the kasoori methi pdr and garam masala pdr.add 1/2 cup cream to this.trasfer to a serving bowl.garnish with coriander leaves.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

malabar prawns biriyani

                         This is my first post in this i thought i would add something our home my DH "S"and sweet son "S"cannot think of anything grand without mom"S"and sis-in-law''s''makes the best biriyani i hav ever tasted.i learned the art of making this delicious dish from this post is dedicated for all the loving''s'' in my life.
cleaned and deveinated prawns-500gms[1/2kg]
oil for frying-200ml
onions sliced-250gms
basmati rice-500gms
chopped coriander leaves-1 bunch
chopped pudina leaves-1handfull
garam masala pdr-1tsp
salt-to taste
                               Ingredients for marinating prawns
red chilly pdr-1tsp
turmeric pdr-1/2tsp salt-to taste
                   for grinding
green chilly-50gm
grind this to a coarse paste.
marinate the prawns and fry them in should not be crispy.keep them the remaining oil saute onions till its golden brown in colour.then add the ground paste.when it is sauted add tomatoes and saute till oil oozes out from this.after that add thecurdand saute.then add the chopped coriander and mint leaves,garam masala pdr,fried prawns and salt.saute it for sometime.turn off heat and keep it the masala for biriyani is step is the preparation of rice
for that cook rice till it is 3/4th done.add the lemon juice to this so that the rice does not stick to each other.drain and keep aside.
next step is the DUM or layering stage.for this preheat oven to a heavy bottom vessel add half of the cooked rice.then above that add a little ghee.then add half of the prepared masala.above that add rice.repeat layering till everything is done.on the top add some coriander leasves.,ghee.v can also add some fried onions and nuts.i avoided this as my son doesnt like this.close the lid and bake for 30min.ur delicious biriyani is ready.serve hot.