Sunday, December 26, 2010


                                                  Everyone have their own lazy days when we dont want to do any was such a day for me.the cloudy weather also added to the mood.i just took one of my favourite cook books and started reading.i was so engrossed in that i didnt even see jr"S" coming back from school.he was shouting "mom,iam hungry.what did u make for lunch?"
 OMG!!!!!!!!!!i had not made anything.i rushed into the kitchen and by the time jr"S"changed his dress and came to the dining table this easy dal fry was ready.luckily i had some cooked dal in fridge.
so this dal fry
recipe is for all mothers on their "lazy days"...............
toor dal-1cup
mash dal-1/4cup
ginger-garlic paste-1tblspoon
green chilly-2
red chilly pdr-1/2tsp
coriander pdr-1/2tsp
turmeric pdr-1/4tsp
salt-to taste
cumin seeds-1/2tblspoon
onion cut into cubes-1/2
   coriander leaves-to garnish
pressure cook both the dals with all ingredients mentioned above.after 2 or 3 whistles remove from fire.after all the whistle has gone open it and see if it is cooked nicely.then temper it with the ingredients for tempering and garnish with coriander leaves.serve hot.enjoy ur dal fry.

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